Jan 11, 2008

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It's back to school we go....

Tony and I started school on Tuesday. It isn't too bad, but it is definitely a change from BYU-Idaho. They aren't really together when it comes to their administration. Their departments are definitely lacking quality people to run them. We had a guidance counselor who told us to wait another year to start school, and then financial aide people who tell us they have no little idea on when grants or scholarships will be awarded. It has been frustrating, but is slowly starting to smooth out.
Our Argumentative class is interesting to say the least. There is a guy (its really debatable though because he has hair down past his mid-back, and as you might have guessed it's not so cute....) who sits during class and drums with his thumbs. It takes almost all my energy to not say something and disrupt the class. On top of that our teacher is.... yeah.... He is a mixture of an uncool version of Jack Black and that annoying kid on Hey Arnold! who sits behind Helga on the bus and breaths super loud. Not to mention that his clothes are anything but professional (button up shirt that exposes tentacle like chest hair... *gag!*). Our Sociology class will be different for sure. The class is focusing on families, but it will be interesting to see what other people outside of our religion think of certain things.

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Aubreydoll said...

Well, it sounds like it'll be an interesting semester at least! Plus, maybe you'll have lots of funny stories to share with us!

Mean Aunt Rachie said...

Hey, you can't complain too much because tuition is so cheap. Well, maybe you can complain, but Tony can't. It's just too bad that people go into teaching, but their not very good at it. :-S