Jan 6, 2008

The Invite

So i get the email from Aubrey saying that she created the family blog and that id get a e-mail that would invite me to be a Author on here. When they got here Aubrey was all excited and asked me if i checked my mail. I said no, which is a big suprise since i pretty much check my e-mail 3 times a day (i got that e-mail when she got here), so i get on and check.

Nothing, notta, zip zilch, big fat goose egg on emails from aubrey inviting me to it.

so aubrey, wanting EVERYONE to be on here tries to figure whats wrong. she askes me if my e-mail was correct, i didnt look at it but from what i heard it sounded right. she sends another e-mail. i again didnt get it. so she then tells me to just creat one, and i got to the page and i look at the e-mail that she put on there.

yes yes, aubrey misspelled my email. way to go.

Ben: Aubrey you spelled my E-mail wrong
Aubrey: what? i did?
Ben: yes you spelled it r-a-n-s-a-c-k
Aubrey: oh... i must not have been paying that much attention to it....
Ben: Obviously

yeah.... i was going to put, i dont post on blogs anymore, or even, i picked my butt today and flossed my toes, but this turned out to be a much funnier post. Sorry Aubrey, but it must be told.

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