Jan 6, 2008

The Joys of Traveling

I'm back in Utah after a...lovely...traveling experience. (Hopefully this never happens to you.) I arrived at the Lansing airport with Dad and Sarah at around 2pm. When I checked in the gentleman at the counter informed me that my flight had been delayed an hour (my flight was supposed to depart around 3:45pm). I didn't want to sit around in the airport so I went to BestBuy and Circuit City with Dad. He dropped me off at the airport at around 3:30. When I got into the airport the screens still said that my flight was scheduled to leave on time, which kind of freaked me out. But the guy at the counter confirmed it was still delayed. By the time we boarded it was almost 5:30pm. We start going down the runway and then all of a sudden the plane slows down and the pilot turns off the engine. He then proceeds to inform us that we cannot take off yet. I guess because it was cloudy in Chicago they were trying to space out take-offs and landings more for safety purposes. We sat there for a good 25 minutes before the engine was turned on again. Again the pilot informs us we won't be able to take off for another 15-20 minutes, but he's going to leave the engine running. Anyway, we finally get off the ground. Luckily I had a 4 hour lay-over in Chicago, which ended up being only about 2 hours by the time I got there.

My next flight left somewhat on time. I think we were only 15 minutes late taking off. Unfortunately my lay-over in Denver was only about 40 minutes (departure time-10:05pm), so any delays would result in a missed flight or my luggage not making it. We landed in Denver at 9:45pm. Then (it gets better) we have to wait 10 minutes to get to our gate because there's another plane there. And then we had to wait more because the guy that was supposed to be operating the jetway was out on a smoke break. By the time I got off the plane it was almost 10. This is one time when I was glad that my flight was delayed. Miraculously I got onto my last flight. It was scheduled to leave at 10:20, but I don't think we ended up leaving until close to 11 because they had some last minute luggage to load. I'm thinking, "Sweet, my luggage will make it, too."


I finally get into Salt Lake City at 12:30am, an hour later than scheduled. Then I have to wait 90 minutes to find out that, for whatever stupid reason, my luggage was NOT put on my flight. It could have been because there were ARUP employees with a million yellow boxes containing blood packed in dry ice or because the late night airport employees just don't care. After all this, I didn't get home until after 2am. So here I am at home. It's almost 4pm and I'm still without my luggage. When I called to check on it they said the estimated arrival time was between 1pm and 9pm!! I guess my luggage isn't as important because I live here and they assume I have things here that I can use. Oh well. It's over. Hopefully I don't have to go through that again. :)

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Aubreydoll said...

Can't you go anywhere without something being stolen or your bags getting lost?!