Feb 17, 2008


I'm not sure if everyone is aware of it, but I had my audition for graduate school at Arizona State University last weekend. I have to say that it went pretty well. Initially I was pretty nervous, but as the time got closer the nervousness went away. A lot of that had to do with having people around that I know and love. The guy I had play for me, Dallas, is actually the guy I worked with at BYU-Idaho my last semester. He attends ASU as a collaborative piano graduate student. We were able to work together for an hour the night before and then run through my songs a few hours before. I'm glad I had that opportunity because I was worried about one of the songs I picked. It is a pretty challenging aria and walking into an audition without working with the accompanist first would have been a bad idea!

Sarah and Jared definitely sacrificed a lot of work time to chauffeur me around and entertain me, but I'm very grateful that they were there for me. It was nice to have a good support system. Overall the audition went well. I didn't know I was going to have a sight singing audition also. I think that made me more nervous than the prepared singing, but it ended up not being that bad. I'll find out late March/early April if I get in or not. If I get in they'll also tell me what kind of funding I'll get. Cross your fingers and pray that it's a lot!!
(By the way, I didn't take that picture, but that birthday cake looking building is part of the music building.)

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Aubreydoll said...

Sounds like you did really well! I hope you hear back from them as soon as possible. Good luck and thanks for letting us know how it went!

Tony & Traci said...

I'm sure you did fabulous! We can only hope you got it. Hopefully the BYU-Idaho connection will work to your advantage.

Maverick said...

Good luck Rachie!!