Feb 7, 2008

Dogs in Space!

Every once in a while Bauer will still mention Roxy and wonders where she is. This morning when I went to go get him out of his crib he looked out in the hall and started talking about something I couldn't really understand.

Then, he said, "Get some food."

I said, "Oh, are you hungry? Do you want some food?"

"Roxy get some food!"

Hmm, okay. Then while I was changing his diaper he was looking at his glow-in-the-dark planets that hang from his ceiling and started naming them off. Then he said, "Roxy go Mercury!"

"Oh, Roxy's going to Mercury?"

"Yeah, Batman go Pluto!"

I asked him which planet JD was going to go to but he never answered me so apparently she gets to hang around for a while!

2 reviews:

Tony & Traci said...

That is funny. I'm sure that she misses everyone there too. (well maybe not Batman... Christmas Scrouge!)

Sarah said...

lol that's cool that he has such a good memory!