Dec 1, 2008

The Jazz!!! 88-105 :(

Every year Chase invites us to their suite to see the Jazz. They are great seats and great fun! Too bad they lost!
Yes they are all looking confused where the ball is...the Jazz never seemed to know the whole night!

This is Frank....he is the coach for the Nets. He was pacing the whole game. There was a guy in the suite next to us who didn't really like that too much...he kept yelling "Sit down Frank! Hey Frank and beans...sit down!" It was pretty funny. I tried to catch a shot of him next to some of his players. He was half their size!

Yeah, can I say I look like a "fluffy puff" marshmellow! I should have taken the coat off or posed a little differently, but the camera died so once was the charm! Hehe! I had a great time. Even though I hate accounting and my job, there really are some perks. :) I really like going to the Jazz games...but I like them better when they win!

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Aubreydoll said...

"Before I drink a tall glass of melonade..." :) Looks like fun!