Jan 29, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Today Tricia and I went to the Draper temple open house. It is absolutely beautiful. Not only because it is a temple, but structurally as well. Of course you cannot take pictures inside, but it is amazing. They didnt give us the opportunity to walk on the grounds, so these are taken from the shuttle....I am surprised they turned out so wonderfully.

I love this picture.

Waiting for the bus ride back

I have never had the opportunity to go to an open house, and it was a great experience. I am looking forward to going when they have the Oqqirrurh Temple open house just around the corner.

4 reviews:

Tony and Traci said...

That's awesome. Great pictures! I agree it is a great experience. I think I have only been to 2 (Detroit and Nauvoo).

Aubreydoll said...

Your pictures did turn out great! And Traci, me too! :)

Noni said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures, Becca. What a special experience.

Sarah said...

It looks big! It will be nice to see what it looks like inside.