Jan 24, 2009

Walking With the Dinosaurs!!!

Last Saturday I went to a World tour of Walking with the Dinosaurs. It was pretty neat, all of the dinosaurs are actual size and move on their own, or in the case of the velociraptors, they had people in them... Heres some pictures!

When the T-Rex came out and roared, the whole area errupted in cries from the little kids! It was kind of funny. It was a family event, but I dont think that it was super appropriate for little childresn...It would be kind of scary for them!

The Utah Velociraptor!

This is the first time this has been in the United States and I am glad I was able to go!

3 reviews:

Aubreydoll said...

That looks totally awesome!!

Tony and Traci said...

That's way cool. I would totally go to that.

Noni said...

How cool! Dinosaurs scare me though so I probably wouldn't go to this exhibit